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What is an EMT-B?

An EMT-B (also known as EMT-1) is an Emergency Medical Technician trained in Basic Life Support. This means a certified EMT-B knows life-saving procedures to sustain life under respiratory, cardiac, and other medical emergencies in addition to traumatic injuries. See our About Us page for more information.

What is EMSC?

EMSC is the Emergency Medical Services of the University of Southern California. We are a volunteer, student-run organization dedicated to serving the USC community with emergency response teams. See our About Us page for more information on what we do.

How do I become an EMT-B?

To become an EMT-B, you must complete an EMT certification course. This includes 126 hours of didactic instruction and at least 24 hours of hands-on skills training. Upon completion of a EMT-B course, an EMT must also obtain patient interactions with a registered ambulance service or in an emergency room setting. After successfully completing the course, an EMT-in-training is qualified to take the EMT-B computer based exam administered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Successful completion of this exam yields a NREMT EMT-B certification. After obtaining the NREMT EMT-B certification, state licensure is required to work in the field. State licensure requirements vary at both the state and county levels and there may be additional requirements depending on the licensing agency.

Do I get USC credits for the EMSC EMT course?

No. Unfortunately, EMSC does not offer any credits for taking the EMT-B Summer or Winter course. The course is hosted by EMSC and taught by CIEMT. It is not taught by USC faculty, although it is supported by USC Fire Safety and Emergency Planning.

Will scholarships, grants, or financial aid cover the costs of the course?

The EMSC EMT Course is not taught by USC and is therefore not covered by most university scholarships or tuition refunds. That being said, you should always check with the agency issuing your scholarship to check if they might cover it. Those receiving government funding should check with CIEMT directly.

Where can I find the schedule of classes for the EMSC EMT course?

All information pertaining to the EMSC EMT course can be found on the EMT Certification Class page. Here you will find class dates, classrooms, and application instructions as they become available. The EMSC EMT course is offered during the winter and summer holidays and information pertaining to each course is posted a few months prior to each class.

Does the EMSC EMT include the Los Angeles County Scope of Practice?

Yes. Our course is taught by the California Institute of Emergency Medical Training (CIEMT) which is a Los Angeles County accredited EMT program. Completion of this course includes the Los Angeles County Scope of Practice.

Who can take the EMSC EMT Course?

The EMSC EMT course is open to everyone with seat preference given to current USC students. The course generally has open seats available unless otherwise stated on our EMT Certification Class page.

Who can join EMSC?

EMSC is open to current undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Southern California.